Starting from 1st Fabruary 2015 SOPHi@webinar platform has been moved to CHEETAH webinar platform
in date 29/01/2015

This SOPHi@webinar  event is based as the previous one, on three presentations already  offered during 2nd SOPHIA BIPV workshop and it  will further deepen on PV landscape, vertical Façade integration and   energy performance modelling

in date 12/01/2015

The integration of Photovoltaic elements into the building, the so called ‚BIPV’ is even today - after the solar revolution has started off worldwide - a huge challenge.

BIPV might see a new era of success in the developing super mass markets for PV as solar energy will become the ‘largest source of electricity worldwide’

The webinar based on three presentations of 2nd SOPHIA BIPV workshop presents different point of views of an PV Technology Research association representative, an architect and a Researcher on Building Integrated PV topic, considering market situation, countries regulations, R&D and architecture features.