Starting from 1st Fabruary 2015 SOPHi@webinar platform has been moved to CHEETAH webinar platform

How to access  SOPHi@WEBinar?

First step_ registration to the event

In order to participate in  Sophi@WEBinar events you must first  register. Registration is free and can be done on line by Sophi@WEBinar web site.

Participant submits  his/her registration request by utilizing a specific dedicated  web page and utilizing his/her  email address as user name.  Information is   submitted to the event host will process the  request and will provide information by email

Each Event takes place in  specific webinar virtual room.  The URL  and a room pass code are sent by email to all early registered participants.  We utilize two virtual rooms: first one for events with less than 50 participants and  the second one for events up to 250 participants or more                 (events with less than 50 participants)        (events up to 250 participants or more)


How can audience interact with the speaker(s)?

Speaker(s) present their own  slides as usually realized during more conventional conferences/lectures in classroom  but they are showed in high resolution directly on the screen of any  on-line participants. One or more Webcams and microphones allow the  simultaneous view  of the speakers, event chair and local audience and they can offer the feeling that  on-line participant is interactively joining an event

see flow

Local audience interacts with  speakers  as usual. As opposite on line participants interact with speakers for example during question time via  "live chat". On participant request  and in special cases question can be asked via microphone and web cam, particuarly when participant needs of a more tight interaction with the speaker and on line/on site audience as example to show his/her own slides, scientific paper or any other information can be useful to support and contribute to the collective discussion

First steps prior to logging in

We kindly remind you to:

  • install all your hardware (microphone, headset, loudspeaker,beamer,webcam, etc )  
  • check your connection to the Sophi@Webinar Adobe Connect to avoid any problems during the speech/presentation
  • please log-in no later than 20 minutes  before the beginning of the presentation. Usually speakers and assistants are already logged-in and you can check your audio/video quality.


Three steps  to check your hardware and your connection:

  1. Check  Flash player, necessary Add-in/plug-in  and speed of your connection by using following link:
  2. Install the necessary Add-ins. Adobe Connect requires the Flash Player Plugin Version 10.3 or above
  3. Check your connection to ENEA adobe by utilizing one of two virtual rooms:



  1. Partecipants can have access to webinar room by  link and (if requested) room passcode provided them  by email
  2. They  attend the meeting by using their  registered e-mail address.