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Architect ,  Solar Architecture  design, research & communication,  Pestalozzistr. 12, 10625 Berlin Germany

Short Bio

Astrid Schneider acheved her degree as ‘Diploma Engineer Architecture’ in 1993 at the University of fine Arts in Berlin  (UdK Berlin) and she  is a Berlin based Architect registered  at the ‘architects chamber in Berlin. specialized on Solar Architecture 

Her focus is the integration of Solar Photovoltaic Panels into the building shelter and the design of solar architecture.

She worked as an architect in two European Research Projects about the optimal design of Building Integrated Photovoltaic’s and her actual BIPV-Projects are located in the ‘Energy Village Nechlin’, where she planned the solar facades and roofs of several buildings, which are now supplied by 100% renewable energy by thin film as well as custom sized crystalline PV-modules  integrated in roofs and the façade for a school, a magazine building, housings and a commercial building.

She has international working experience with stays in the Netherlands, Austria, Kuala Lumpur and Switzerland. As a member of University staff she speaks English fluently.

Her publications include the book and film ‘Solararchitektur für Europa’, published in 1996 at the renowned publisher Birkhäuser as well as a series of articles about the German ‘Solar Government Quarter’ at the Swiss Expert Paper ‘Fassade’. She worked on several databases and publications about Photovoltaic Building Integration for the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 2001, for the German Industry Association for Photovoltaics (2002) and for the Building sector (Infoline Solares Bauen).

She is a regular lecturer at summer schools and conferences and publishes articles on building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and renewable energy system and she is a member of EUROSOLAR e.V. and the Post Fossil Institute e.V

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