Starting from 1st Fabruary 2015 SOPHi@webinar platform has been moved to CHEETAH webinar platform

SOPHIA is an FP7-funded Infrastructure project with the aim of strengthening and optimizing  PV research capabilities within Europe. Further details on SOPHIA are available at the website


is the internal  e-learning platform offering on-line in-depth training and discussions to all SOPHIA partners. The initiative is also open, on request, to interested universities, research organizations, and Ph.D courses outside SOPHIA.
The SOPHIA Webinars offer:

  • Comprehensive information on different aspects of the utilization of PV research infrastructure/techniques and research protocols.
  • An overview on advantages/ disadvantages and point of strength/weakness/opportunity/ threat respect other similar infrastructure/characterization techniques.
  • A presentation on several outstanding technical-scientific results highlighting  the potential in utilizing  the infrastructure/technique/scientific protocol

Further information is available on the following pages:

How does SOPHi@Webinar work?

Main SOPHi@Webinar Topics

SOPHIA webinars are  focused on

  • Si Technology
  • OPV Organic Photovoltaics
  • TF Thin Film Technology
  • CPV Concentrated Photovoltaics
  • Material and Cell Characterization
  • Material and Cell Modelling
  • Lifetime prediction and reliability
  • Module and System Performance:data base and procedures
  • BIPV & Smart Building Integrated Photovoltaics
  • BOS: architectures,Safety and Conversion

Sophi@webinar also proposes online short courses organized by proposing several webinar on a common theme.

The webinars are based :

on a Power Point presentation or similar file.  The speaker can also use the webcam to show necessary equipment or other visual aids.

The duration of each webinar/speech is  between 35-45 minutes, with 15-20 minutes for questions or comments.

Enjoy your Sophia webinar!

For any question don't hesitate to send an email to:   (Sophi@WEbinar team)


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Latest News

SOPHIA project consortium, together with EPIA, is organicing the first Symposium on European PV Research Infrastructures on Thursday 22 January 2015 in Chambéry, with the National Solar Energy Institute – INES, the coordinator of the project, hosting the workshop.

Last Webinar

Concentrating photovoltaics Technology (CPV)  has become a relevant technology for solar energy conversion. Especially under high concentration, the use of  cost-effective, high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells enable high system efficiencies and a competitive levelized cost of electricity in regions with a large fraction of direct irradiance. However, the development of this technology requires the utilization of specific indoor/outdoor characterization techniques that are not yet widely known. A review of current hot topics in indoor/outdoor CPV characterization in energy and performance testing will be presented and discussed during this short SOPHIA on line course.



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