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in date 18/06/2013

Transparent ZnO contacts for silicon thin film solar cells

Transparent Conductive  Materials (TCMs) have a multitude of applications ranging from solar energy utilization, improved thermal properties of windows in energy savings, application in aircraft window heaters , utilization in  opto-electronic devices

Useful information

Silicon thin film solar cells are composed of silicon based absorbers sandwiched between doped layers for charge separation and contact layers to extract the electric power. One of these contacts must be transparent. Zinc oxide is one of those transparent contact materials (TCM). Apart from transparency and conductivity, often the TCM surface is rough to provide light scattering for better device performance. The long term stability of PV devices is limited often by degradation of the TCM conductivity. The Webinar will shortly introduce the device structure of silicon thin film solar modules and  the opto-electronic  properties of typical TCMs. Then we focus on doped ZnO as TCM material, some of its unique properties,  the relation to device performances and how improve them.


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