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in date 15/11/2013

Advanced Module characterisation based on I/V measurements

Simple I/V curve characterisation of PV modules @ 1000 W/m2 AM1.5 G is normally used for the determination of the standard power, but it cannot offer alone a complete  evaluation of moltitude of parameter necessary for performance and energy rating evaluation. 

Useful information

This lecture  will show how improved application of Variable Illumination measurement (VIM) methods  can offer very simple and accurate  methods for :

  • Estimation of module Energy Power rating by using the MothePB method
  • Accurate evaluation of equivalent circuit parameters serial and shunt resistance for  very simple cell and module diagnostics  degradation in long term.

Particularly during the lecture two  novel equivalent circuit parameters will be introduced in the standard equivalent circuit model: 1. a photoconductor taking into account recombination losses in the bulk and 2. a parasitic diode with quality factor between 8 and 10 representing leakage currents


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