Starting from 1st Fabruary 2015 SOPHi@webinar platform has been moved to CHEETAH webinar platform
in date 22/05/2014


R & T determinationThe webinar launched in the frame of SOPHi@Webinar and 7FP-CHEETAH project concerns the introduction to the procedure based on the transfer-matrix method (TMM) utilized @ HZB to extract optical parameters in thin film for PV. The procedure is available in request




in date 18/06/2013

Transparent Conductive  Materials (TCMs) have a multitude of applications ranging from solar energy utilization, improved thermal properties of windows in energy savings, application in aircraft window heaters , utilization in  opto-electronic devices

in date 26/03/2013

A lot of exciting ideas are followed by scientists and researchers all around the world on advanced photovoltaics searching for new solution in photoconversion, light trapping and novel collecting structures  the so called “field of dreams where the research concepts and technology require the PV researchers’s creativity,  patience and funding to prove or develop concepts”.

Focused ion beam (FIB), is a well established technique used particularly in the semiconductor industry, materials science and  biological field for specific analysis, deposition, and ablation of materials can   represent a very useful “ab inizio” technique to prove in very short time new  concepts on advanced photovoltaics  before making investment in their further development and searching for cost effective solution.