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in date 13/11/2014

Crystallization is the  lengthy natural process of formation of highly ordered structure of atoms that is today  currently utilized in technology by artificially precipitating solid crystals from a solution, melt or gases to realize crystal structure.  The growth of silicon Crystals  is perhaps the the most important technological topics  of the last decades—the "silicon era"  because It has been essential for the development of the electronic devices  and solar cells


in date 23/05/2014

CISSY_XPS_UPSX-rays interact with matter  through photoabsorption, Compton scattering, and Rayleigh scattering. The strength of these interactions depend on the energy of the X-rays and the elemental composition of the material  This SOPHIA webinar introduces two powerful spectroscopic tools to investigate solar cell surfaces and interfaces.


in date 22/05/2014


R & T determinationThe webinar launched in the frame of SOPHi@Webinar and 7FP-CHEETAH project concerns the introduction to the procedure based on the transfer-matrix method (TMM) utilized @ HZB to extract optical parameters in thin film for PV. The procedure is available in request




in date 05/07/2013

The efficiency of a solar cells is limited by defects and impurities Twidely present in commercial solar cells. The primary goal of materials research in photovoltaics is overcoming these lifetime-limiting defects, which include in multicrystalline solar cells: Grain boundaries, dislocations, and transition metals.