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ROCA Francesco


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Short Bio

Francesco Roca   obtained  Degree in Physic (1983) from University of Salerno and its post-lauream specializzation in Physic of Radiation and Radioprotection at University of Bologna (1985), both with honors. His field of expertise ranges from interaction of ionizing/non ionizing radiation with organic and inorganic materials, growth  of  PV materials, realization and optimization of solar cells, mainly amorphous/crystalline silicon solar cells, characterization of PV devices and PV system,  development and characterization of CPV concentrator modules  & CPV system development and application of   PV smart modules with improved  functionality. Author and reviewer of scientific papers, chapters of books, project leader of several national/international project on PV,  member of Scientific Committee of EPVSEC.- European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Contract professor on Advanced PV Technologies @ Master on Photovoltaic Engineering.- Roma Tor Vergata University invited lecturer  at several  Ph.D courses. he is also involved in  the promotion of R&D activity in Solar Energy  and fostering access to existing infrastuctures and expertise and  personnel Exchange by way of   several initiative and by  leading the specific Workpackages of FP7-SOPHIA  and FP7-CHEETAH projects and by the   specific actions Sophi@webinar  and CHEETAH KEAP



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